We are committed to producing and promoting West Seattle’s premier summer art showcase on Alki Beach celebrating arts and music. Our goal is to advance art education and appreciation by offering opportunities for community involvement and cultural diversity through art.

Emerging Artists

The Alki Art Fair recognizes and supports new artists and makers.

The Emerging Artist Program is designed to nurture and advance the careers of local talent, by providing subsidized (no-cost) space and exhibitor support to individuals who have limited experience showing or selling their work at festivals or in galleries.  This program supports the burgeoning careers of emerging artists by introducing the community to their art and supporting them as they develop their unique style and artistic voice.

Community Classes

Beginning in 2019 the Alki Art Fair began sponsoring free community art
classes in partnership with Delridge Neighborhood Development Association and EcoArts in addition to our annual festival. In 2022 the Alki Art Fair returned post Covid and began community classes again in the spring of 2023.

Working in partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation, South Park Saturday market and local artists the Alki Art Fair is sponsoring multiple Art classes and drop in art opportunities in West Seattle.

South Park Saturday Markets (Feb, March and April)

Instructor: Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys

Home | Art Maranth

(20+) Amaranta Arte Y Cultura | Facebook

Stained Glass at Delridge Community Center

Instructor: Susan Zarit

Home - Zarit Glassworks

Toddler Sensory Art classes at High Point Community Center

Instructor: Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys

Home | Art Maranth

(20+) Amaranta Arte Y Cultura | Facebook


The Alki Art Fair began under the guidance of the Alki Community Center and its advisory council. The first Alki Art Fair occurred in 1997. For 14 consecutive years the Fair was supported, sponsored, and operated by Seattle Parks and Recreation, Alki Community Center, Alki Advisory Council, Associated Recreation Council, and volunteers. Seattle Parks and Recreation, both Councils, and the Alki Community Center withdrew sponsorship in 2010/2011 due to budget cuts (although each continues to be supportive of the Fair today). In the fall of 2011, a group of artists and other community members transformed the Alki Art Fair into a Washington State nonprofit organization. The Fair continues to be produced with the leadership and guidance of its all-volunteer Board of Directors, the Fair Director, and thanks to many active volunteers.


  • Donna Ippolito, President
  • Jessica Stehlin, Marketing and Publicity Director
  • Jessica Bright, Treasurer
  • Dan Ray, Music Coordinator
  • Dave Somers, Artist and Board Member
  • Sue Duval, Board Member


Alki Art Fair Directors

Nadine Bivins & Jillian Ballas



The Alki Art Fair Board and Planning Committee meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month. If you are interested in attending, please email info@alkiartfair.org for more information.

Organizational documents, meeting minutes, and bylaws are public documents and are available upon request.