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Music is a powerful thing. It gives people an outlet to express their creativity and share their passion with others. We have an amazing local scene of musicians creating and developing their skills and we're sad we couldn't showcase them in person. So be sure to visit their website, buy their albums or make a donation.


Tacoma-raised hip hop artists—influenced by Tribe Called Quest, Del La Sol, Hieroglyphics but we bring a new school twist and style but with some of that foundation. You can expect lyrcism, a positive message and upliftment with groovy and vibrant beats.

all the real girls

Replete with the sort of Americana instrumentation the lyrics deserve, and the indie guitar work we crave - great stories; rock guitar shredding; pastoral twang; and top quality performances. The band recently finished their full-length "Movie Star Handsome" with producer Eric Corson.

angela soffe band

Known for their soaring vocals and virtuoso instrumentation—inspired by mountain Americana and the calming PNW.  "Second Wind" won the nomination for "Americana Album of the Year" by the Independent Music Awards 2019.

boka kouyate & the djeliyah band

The name Djeliyah means; The work of the Djely (Griot) people in the community, who have always been next to the Kings in the Mande Empire as cultural educators, the traditional historians, artists and musicians of culture. The band connects this rich music for everyone's dancing pleasure!

champagne honeybee

 Seattle singer/songwriter, Rani Weatherby, her ukuleles, and talented backing band have performed their unique blend of jazz, funk, blues, and ukulele soul across the PNW. + Voted "Best Band for Hire" in King 5's 2017 Best of Western Washington competition.


Choroloco is an acoustic trio specializing in choro, a highly melodic and rhythmic form of Brazilian music that originated in early 1900’s. Choroloco’s performances blend hip shaking rhythms, heartbreakingly beautiful melodies and improvisational joy.

moon daddy band

Moon Daddy Band is a group of six seasoned musicians from East L.A., Puerto Rico, Central America and The Pacific Northwest. Performing an exhilarating Santana Tribute.

party attic

PartyAttic is Dillon Bartel (formerly Mouth Mold), whose attention-grabbing DJ sets include a wide array of eclectic dance samples and original music. He pulls from old and new pop, hip hop and house for his mesmerizing mishmash that is as infectious as his dancing.

jamtown live

You're invited to join the JamtownLive Howdy Band -that’s right, you are IN the band! Slappin’ yo body beat – dancing your happy feet – maybe tapping on a drum – or singin’ along! John plays ukulele – and shares his fun props and Jamtown fair trade instruments. It’s story time put to music! 

raising hazel

Singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Avery Hill, Jaspar Lepak and Mandy Troxel are Raising Hazel, a brand new acoustic folk trio. These multitasking mamas have their recipe down: powerful songwriting, intricate harmonies, and a healthy pinch of attitude.

red eagle soaring

Red Eagle Soaring Native Youth Theatre empowers American Indian and Alaska Native youth to express themselves with confidence and clarity through traditional and contemporary performing arts.

rik wright's fundamental forces

Rik Wright is a modern progressive jazz guitarist, known for genre-bending performances. The Forces' forward-thinking arrangements and solid groove put them at the top of the public radio charts.

sarah holman

Sarah Holman is a singer/songwriter who acknowledges no boundaries between genres & styles. Elements of folk, pop, RnB, soul & rock can all be found within the debut album "When It Comes to You". You can find her music on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you get your music from.

school of rock west seattle

School of Rock House Band represents the very best students in School of Rock's amazing performance based music education program.

tekla waterfield

Tekla Waterfield lives in the wide-open realm of rock music, incorporating elements of folk, country, indie, R&B, and soul creating a wide-ranging sound unified by her sweet, soulful dynamic vocals.

tobias the owl

Tobias the Owl has been featured on television, in movies, and on soundtracks with songs covered by artists like Ben Harper, Jonah Tolchin, and Deer Tick among others. The music of Tobias the Owl has also been prominently featured on Starbucks playlists. Tobias the Owl's music is highly confessional and pensive, navigating emotions that are sombre, but universal.


A collective—blending the worlds of lyrical dreamy-folk music with the dramatic cinematic swells of Pink Floyd-esque alt-rock. Frontman Gabriel Wolfchild spent his early years as a singer-songwriter—known for his tenderly poetic style that allows listeners to dive deep and explore the full extent of their own emotional passageways.