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Photographing Your Artwork

Tips for taking photos:

  • If photographing your own work, use a 3-megapixel camera or better.
  • Lighting is an important factor when photographing your work.
  • Be sure that your camera is set and white-balanced for your lighting conditions.
  • Small shifts of light can dramatically bring out the details in your work.
  • Play with different angles.
  • Avoid hot spots if at all possible.

Formatting Your Images

  1. File Format: Save all images as Baseline Standard JPEG or GIF. Do not save as a Progressive JPEG.
  2. File Size: JPEGs and GIFs should be under 5 MB in size.
  3. Recommended Resolution: between 72 and 300 ppi
    Note: You may need to lower your resolution if the file size is larger than 5 MB.
  4. Color space: Save images in RGB color space, preferably sRGB.

Photo Editing Software

You can use also use photo editing programs to help you format your images successfully. The options below are some of the most widely used programs or software.

  • Adobe Photoshop (the industry standard photographer’s tool set)
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements (offers fewer tools than the full version, but allows for formatting images to ZAPP® specifications at a lower price point). VIEW TUTORIAL.
  • Mac Users: The application “Preview” can format images to ZAPP® specifications.
  • Online Resources: Sumo, Aviary, and Pixlr are some of the few websites out there that offer image editing right in the browser. VIEW TUTORIAL