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A City of Seattle Business License is required for all businesses operating within the city. If you do not have a Seattle Business License and need a Trade Show License, please indicate it below. The Alki Art Fair will obtain a Trade Show License for you at the cost of $30 per vendor if you are accepted into the event. This charge will appear on your final invoice.

The UBI is a 9-digit number issued by Washington State. If you do not have a UBI, you can get one at https://dor.wa.gov/open-business/business-types/temporary-businesses. **There is no charge for a temporary WA business license.**

If you do not have one, please enter "Do Not Have" or "Exempt"
If you do not have one, please enter "Do Not Have" or "Exempt"

(Example: http://www.facebook.com/alkiartfair)
(Example: http://www.instagram.com/alki_art_fair)


The Alki Art Fair may also review your website and social accounts for other photo options for promotional purposes.
Accepted file types: jpeg, jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 3 MB.
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 3 MB.
May require an additional fee.
Please share your price range of goods and offerings.


Please indicate the type of booth you desire if accepted:(Required)
Please let us know if you have a location preference (i.e. in the grass or on the seawall, near the bathhouse or on the far end). If accepted into the Fair, we will try our best to accommodate your request, but it is not guaranteed.


Please read carefully below before agreeing to our terms and conditions regarding your application and participation in the Alki Art Fair. You will be asked to submit your electronic signature at the bottom of the agreement.
Business License. Applicants have verified that their City of Seattle Business License number and/or Washington State UBI submitted above are correct and valid.
Photos. The Alki Art Fair reserves the right to use any submitted photos of artwork and booths in future advertising.
Liability. The Alki Art Fair will not be responsible for any loss or damage to a vendor’s property, injury to, or death of the vendor (or its employees, representatives, and contractors), or vendor sales. Vendor expressly assumes all risks of loss, damage, liability, injury, or destruction resulting from any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to acts or omissions by Vendor, the Fair, or acts of nature, and hereby releases and waives any claims against the Alki Art Fair (and its employees, representatives, and contractors) related to such loss, damage, liability, injury, and/or destruction.
Insurance. Applicants must have at the time of the Alki Art Fair appropriate insurance to cover liability for the types of activities they will conduct at the Fair. Food vendors MUST provide a Certificate of Insurance, naming the City of Seattle and the Alki Art Fair as additionally insured before setting up on 7/21-23 2023 - NO EXCEPTIONS.
Payment. If accepted into the Alki Art Fair, applicants will receive an invoice for the above selected booth fee on/around 4/5/23 and, if applicable, a Trade Show License Fee. Applicants are required to pay invoices by 5/5/23 otherwise their spot may be offered to a vendor on the waitlist.
Seattle Parks and Recreation 10% Fee. Seattle Parks and Recreation requires an additional fee per booth- $30 or 10% of gross sales (whichever is greater). This fee is required for any sales on Seattle Parks and Recreation property. Each applicant must pay this fee to the Fair Treasurer before the conclusion of the Fair.
Cancellations. The Alki Art Fair will proceed regardless of the weather. Any applicant who cancels prior to 6/5/23 will receive a refund (minus a 15% service fee).
City of Seattle Parks User Agreement. All applicants are required to read and agree to Parks User Agreement.
By signing my name in the above box and submitting this application, I agree to the terms and conditions in the Participation Agreement outlined above.
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